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Saturday, Feb. 13 Update

The freezing rain didn’t stop us from serving or our guests from stopping by for warm clothes, hot soup, a bag of toiletries, and a handful of masks. We set up our tables under a portable canopy and carried on. It was bitterly cold so the minestrone was gladly received, as were the bag lunches. We also gave away 320+ hand-warmers thanks to a recent donation - they are in extremely high demand on cold days like this one.

I offered hot green tea with ginger, lemon, and honey for the first time this week, and it was well received. In a lovely coincidence, a volunteer had provided almond cookies that were the perfect treat to offer alongside the tea. The great thing about offering a hot drink is that people tend stand around and chat with you while they drink it. I like that dynamic very much, and will be continuing to offer tea in the coming weeks to encourage the conversation.

A volunteer took the pictures below. She asked permission of our guests and volunteers before taking their pictures.

Stats: 50 servings of minestrone and garlic bread and 24 bottles of water.

We handed out 250 disposable masks, 25 reusable masks, 320 handwarmers, 50 mini-sanitizers, and 50 mini-lotions. For clothing, 24 new gaiters, 50 new pairs of gloves, 49 hats. We gave away 12 coats, 12 blankets, 1 sleeping mat, and 7 scarves. We had a large box of reusable bags that were all taken as well.

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