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Saturday, Feb. 12

Regular volunteer Jill said to me yesterday, "It felt extra good out there today, didn't it?" and yup, it did! There was a lot of love in the air. Was it the incredible Valentine's cupcakes from Jeanne Fitzgibbon? Was it the adorable Valentine's themed bag lunches and tablecloths donated by volunteers? Was it the joy of seeing regular guest Robert return after being away for several months? Was it the fun of having such a great mix of old and new volunteers out together? Was it the DELICIOUS chicken pot pie and record-setting 118 squares of homemade cornbread we served? All of the above!

It didn't hurt that the weather was milder than usual, even though we knew a cold snap was coming. We gave out lots of cold weather kits and warm hats and scarves to prepare folks for the snow. Thinking of all our guests and friends today.

Stats: 80 chicken pot pie servings with 118 squares of cornbread, 125 bag lunches, 80 chocolate cupcakes, 106 waters, 250 masks, 70 hats, 30 scarves and 84 cold weather kits containing hygiene products, socks, and hand-warmers.

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