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Saturday, Dec. 5 Update

Stats: 45 cups of minestrone with garlic bread, 64 bottles of water, 170 disposable masks, 12 reusable masks, and 24 mini-bottles of sanitizer

Cooking went quickly this week so I was able to reach my new goal of serving right at noon and telling people to expect me every Saturday at noon. Since the food and supplies go so fast, the people who come around regularly appreciate knowing when to expect me.

The most important thing I learned this week is how much cold-weather supplies are needed now that nights are so cold. One man I serve regularly saw the old towels that I use to keep the soup cups warm/stable during transport and asked if he could have them. I said, "Of course - what else could I bring you next week that would be helpful?" Immediately, he and several others said:

  • heavy, warm blankets

  • hats

  • gloves

  • scarves

  • coats

So this is where I ask for your help to fulfill these needs for next Saturday. Here's how you can contribute:

Please email me at for drop-off or delivery info.

Also happy to accept Venmo and Paypal if you'd like me to do the shopping for you - links available at the bottom of the How You Can Help page.

I would really like to come through for the people who made these asks and would be grateful for any help you can offer.

Thank you, as always, for your support!

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