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Saturday, Dec. 26 Update

Stats: 63 servings of macaroni and cheese supplemented with cornbread and homemade chocolate chip cookies, 4 bags of clementines, and 48 bottles of water. We also gave out 250 disposable masks, 25 face shields, 24 mini-sanitizers, 50 alcohol prep pads, 22 reusable grocery bags, 31 hats, 8 scarves, 37 pairs of socks, 11 pairs of gloves, 2 winter coats, 23 sweaters/jackets and 1 poncho.

There weren’t many people out and about this week, so the pace was a little slower than our usual lightning-speed distribution. I appreciated having more time to talk to people individually, though, and to make more connections in the neighborhood. Jill was a champion volunteer once again, helping people to transport and distribute the clothing and wellness supplies with warmth and good humor.

Huge thanks to my neighbor for co-cooking with me and supplying 20 servings of mac and cheese and to a kind stranger for baking 70 packages of homemade chocolate chip cookies, which were in big demand yesterday, with lots of people coming back for seconds. And many thanks to the people who have been leaving bags of used, warm, high-quality clothing on my doorstep. While I am not always able to thank you in person, please know that your donations are greatly appreciated and go directly to people in need.

Our friends from Blankets for Baltimore are out on maternity leave for a few weeks - we wish them the best and look forward to seeing them again soon. And in the New Year, we'll have a shareable calendar with volunteer opportunities slated in so you can choose a way to help that fits your schedule and interests. Stay tuned!

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