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Saturday, Dec. 19 Update

Stats: 45 servings of blueberry oatmeal supplemented with homemade cookies, snack bags with fruit and granola bars, a box of clementines, and 64 bottles of water. We also gave out 200 disposable masks, 55 reusable masks, 48 mini-sanitizers, and 53 handwarmers, 42 reusable grocery bags, 61 hats, 30 scarves, 18 gaiters/ear warmers, 72 pairs of socks, 25 pairs of gloves, 8 winter coats, 11 sweaters/jackets, and 15 blankets (again, not including more than 50 new, warm, fluffy blankets, socks, hand-warmers, and other supplies passed out by our friends from Blankets for Baltimore)

This Saturday was our biggest yet, with an enormous amount of supplies to share and the biggest crowd of people served. Once again we set up side-by-side on the sidewalk with our wonderful friends from Blankets for Baltimore. Together we had two large tables overflowing with blankets, clothes, masks and sanitizer, and other supplies, which two wonderful volunteers helped distribute. I set up another table off to the side where I handed out the hot oatmeal, snacks, and water.

With the cold weather this week, people were eager for blankets and all kinds of warm clothing. A large crowd gathered quickly and we distributed all of the above items in less than 30 minutes. The reusable bags were hugely appreciated - more are always welcome in future weeks. Masks and sanitizer are still in high demand. A kind friend of L&C cleverly donated several boxes of new, small toiletry bottles along with large jugs of sanitizer, so I was able to fill them up and pass them out.

The Christmas cookies were a big hit as well. People kept coming back looking for them once they saw others eating them. Having something homemade with so much care means a lot.

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