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Saturday, Dec. 12 Update

Saturday, Dec. 12 Update

Stats: 43 servings of soup, cornbread, and homemade cookies, 64 bottles of water, 150 reusable masks, 120 disposable masks, 93 mini-sanitizers, 72 hats, 24 gaiters, 58 pairs of gloves, 25 pairs of socks, 34 scarves, 12 sweaters, and 3 winter coats (not including two car-fulls of blankets, cold weather supplies, snacks, and more passed out by our friends from Blankets for Baltimore)

This week was all about the power of community. We teamed up with the wonderful Jessica Currano and her husband Ben from Blankets for Baltimore who collect blankets and other cold-weather supplies all year long to hand out to people in need when the temperature drops. Jess and Ben brought more than 60 blankets, quilts, and sleeping bags to share, along with socks, snacks, hand-warmers and many other items.

We set up our large tables side by side and laid out all of our supplies so that people could choose whatever they wanted. We attracted a large crowd quickly, and everything we brought- including the boxes, bags, and plastic bins we used to transport the donations - was gone in 30 minutes. We also had help from a young man in the community who organizes his own outreach efforts. He helped us load/unload five cars’ worth of supplies and together we had a good time handing out food and water.

As always, masks and sanitizers went extremely quickly as well and remain in high demand. I received two large donations of mini-sanitizers this week, and whenever someone took a bottle, I encouraged them to come back next Saturday at noon for a refill from my large jug.

As the stats at the top of this post show, the response to my call for cold-weather supplies has been amazing. My doorbell has been ringing all week as people have sent blankets, hats, gaiters, gloves, and more via Amazon, or left bags of used, high-quality cold-weather gear on my front patio. Your generosity is incredible. I even held back some of the donations to share next Saturday so that I can help the people who missed us this week.. We also had help this week from Jaime Mason, whose homemade cookies were a bit hit, Emily Herstein, whose Daisy and Brownie troops provided care packages, and Jill Yesko and Christine Corbitt who transported all the donations down to North and Penn Avenues, and helped people find what they needed among our supplies with warmth and kindness. Someone gave me the advice this week that I shouldn’t try to go it alone. This was great advice on a practical level but also on a human level - it felt wonderful to share the love with so many new and old friends. Thank you to all.

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