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Saturday, Dec. 11

I always say that our Saturdays are magical but this week... we had a dancing rainbow unicorn. It doesn't get any better than that! WHY did we have a unicorn this week? Because volunteer Gina is awesome, that's why. She handed out sugar cookies and waved and danced with people passing by. You couldn't help smiling. It was amazing.

We finally got our tunes sorted out this week so we had multiple spontaneous dance parties while serving breakfast burritos, bag lunches, hot cocoa, and giving out masks, scarves, hats, thermometers, and more. Another great week!

Stats: 50 breakfast burritos, 70 bag lunches, dozens of Christmas sugar cookies, 5 gallons of hot cocoa, 70 bottles of water and 50+ hygiene kits along with masks, scarves, and more.

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