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Saturday, August 6

We had 18 volunteers out serving today. 18! That's a new record. Amazing. Couldn't have been happier to be with everyone and all of those hands were helpful in serving our large, friendly crowd of 150+ guests. We hadn't seen Coach's son Chanse in ages so that was an extra special surprise: he did a great job helping with the fast-paced sandwich station.

We had two birthdays this week among the volunteers and then one of our regulars had a birthday as well, so the sparkly pink "It's My Birthday!" sash got a real work-out today.

It was hot and sweaty today, but seeing so many friendly faces every time you turn around, it felt like a giant family reunion.

As always, we are so grateful to the wonderful community of Penn North and Phase 2 barbershop for welcoming us back week after week. We love you.

Stats: 230 sandwiches (tuna, turkey, roast beef, and PB&J), 10 gallons of Gatorade, 190 cold waters, a case of bananas, a case of clementines, 110 soaps, 500 regular masks and 200 K90 masks, and lots of snacks.

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