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Saturday, August 20

Not gonna lie, I took TWO naps today to recover from Saturday. It's been a lot of heavy lifting (literally) to get organized for one crew of volunteers to cook at Our Time Kitchen on Wednesday nights and then another crew to package, transport, and serve on Saturday mornings. Not to mention the trips to the farm, the Restaurant Store, the Restaurant Depot (IFYKYK), Costco, and back and forth to the kitchen. But it is so exciting to be able to cook even more, even tastier food for our guests thanks to this new set-up. Plus it has been fun getting to know the different chef/entrepreneurs cooking at the shared kitchen with us and see what delicious stuff they're making.

We took advantage of the summer produce from First Fruits Farm and made a gorgeous roasted veggie stew with chickpeas over brown rice. And Nina dove into making 240 (!) of her famous chocolate chip cookies. We also chopped up a truckload of sweet, cold watermelon from the farm, which was of course once again a big hit.

And speaking of great partnerships, we were thrilled to welcome our friend Vincent from medical and rehabilitation center Tuerk House once again. Vincent is a peer outreach coordinator so he helps us serve and also lets our guests know what Tuerk House can do for them when and if they need some help. So grateful for the chance to get to know Vincent better and see him at work.

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