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Saturday, August 14

After last week’s Porkapalooza (which our guests were still raving about this week), this week’s theme was, “Too Hot to Cook.” Of course, I did anyway, but what I made was chicken salad, which our guests often request. We ended up providing a perfect summer picnic: chicken salad sandwiches, watermelon from First Fruits Farm, peaches Richdale Farm, muffins made with FFF zucchini, and lots of cold mango iced tea. Our guests were so happy to have a menu that was matched to the day, and fresh fruit is always a big hit. One first-time guest went through the line and was so delighted with what we offered that he asked if he could take our picture. I said of course, and posed with volunteer Jennifer for him. I watched several people walk a few steps away, take a bite of a peach, and then turn around to ask for another one as soon as they realized how juicy and perfect the peaches were. We served about 100 people this week and the pace was fast.

We continue to worry about the health of our guests in this brutal heat. We bring an extra 5 gallons of ice water these days (ever since the Jerome episode) and, once we are done serving, we give away the bags of ice that we use in our coolers. Someone is always glad for ice to put against their neck or forehead. This week volunteer Jill kept a close eye on a woman who seemed a bit off, dazed and struggling to talk. After drinking some water, she told Jill she was diabetic and having a sugar low. Jill got her some iced tea and she perked up enough to say she’d like to come back next week and volunteer with us, which we always love to hear. (And thanks to the many generous volunteers who helped make this great week possible coming in Tuesday's post!)

Every week we are getting better at what we do: providing an hour of connection, conversation, and delicious food among neighbors. And we are still learning and growing. We would love for you to join us. It only takes two hours of your Saturday, and it will fill your heart for the week. If you’ve ever waited tables or worked retail, you’re our kind of volunteer. Check us out at or message me for details:

Stats: 72 chicken salad sandwiches sandwiches, 40 assorted bag lunches, 200 (!) homemade zucchini muffins, 4 crates of peaches (and a whole bunch of napkins), 2 watermelons, 5 gallons mango iced tea, 5 gallons iced water, and 80 water bottles. We also gave out more 70+ toiletry kits and 300+ masks.

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