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Saturday, August 13

This week was a serious team effort. So many people pitched in to pull off an incredible Saturday. We easily served 150 people in 30 minutes, with nothing but good vibes all around. It's a party every week. (And now that I have been hipped to the neighborhood-specific Baltimore dances trend on TikTok, expect more dancing videos in future weeks....) Thank you to everyone who contributed and apologies to anyone my tired brain forgets:

  • We had fantastic bag lunches contributed by neighbors and friends. Yes, bag lunch volunteer opportunities are back for the fall! Sign ups coming this week - stay tuned!

  • Our Wednesday night and Saturday morning kitchen crews chopped, stirred, baked, and mopped to make our first week in our new shared kitchen a success

  • Chef Kiah and Chef Cat at Our Time Kitchen calmly and kindly helped us find our way around the kitchen and offered us above-and-beyond support

  • We picked up donated food from @First Fruits Farm and making it possible for us to feed more people than every before

Thank you all for helping to make our Saturdays a success! It takes a lot of planning, lugging, schlepping, and cooking to pull everything together each week. But every Saturday truly feels better than the last as our friendships and connections continue to grow. I wouldn't want to spend my Saturday anywhere else than with my Cornbread friends and the community of Penn North.

Stats: (Numbers are a blur, will come back and update...) chicken salad on lettuce with rolls, cubed watermelon, chocolate zucchini cake, a case of bananas and a case of clemetines, 150 bag lunches, 120 pairs of brand new socks, masks, 10 gallons of gatorade, and bottles of water.

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