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Saturday, April 9

An update in three pictures:

  1. One of our longest-time guests is back! Robert had been in the hospital but is feeling much better now. He used to wheel his chair up to the table and chat with us while he ate. He also looked out for us from the beginning, and would tell people to knock it off if they were too pushy in asking for seconds or if they tried to walk behind our table. He asked about all the "original ladies" and I pointed out Terri and Deb, and told him Janeene and Jill would be back soon). He just got approval for a motorized scooter so I'm excited to see him zipping around in the coming weeks.

  2. As we were wrapping up, a gentleman came up to me and asked if I was the organizer. I said yes, and he pulled out a check and wrote it out for $100.00 while I was still trying to sort out who he was. I asked if he was from the neighborhood and he said yes, he owned a business nearby. A man of few words, he shook my hand and walked off quickly. Every week, I tell you, I am floored by how much heartbreak, how much gratitude, and how much love fit into one hour out on the sidewalk.

  3. Best. Volunteers. Ever. It was so busy and so cold and so fast-paced. As volunteer Maria said, "We should market this as a workout. Skip the gym! Come carry tables and boxes and then serve 100 people in 30 minutes!" She's not wrong.

Stats: 85 beef chili, 73 cornbread, 100+ amazingly delicious made-with-love bag lunches, 120 bottles of water, 71 hygiene kits, a case of bananas and clementines, and snacks and masks, oh my!

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