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Saturday, April 30

Lovely day, lovely guests, lovely volunteers! Any Bill Withers fans in the house? This song is a crowd favorite on the Love & Cornbread playlist and I listen to it every week on my way to Penn North.

Anywho, this seems like a good week to catch up on some important thank you's! Mount Washington Cub Scout Pack 221 provided not only 100 wonderful lunches for us this week, but decorated the bags with some truly TERRIBLE knock-knock jokes, which I could not have loved more.

We are cooking up more fun stuff for the coming weeks so stay tuned! And please consider grabbing a friend and joining us to serve some Saturday. It will do your heart good. It is also the only way to see Tom Moses's slow motion running man dance, live and in person! (Checking who is reading at this point....) Message me for more info or just sign up here:

Stats: 156 breakfast burritos, 100 lunches, 120 waters, 130 soaps, 250 masks, so many granola bars, 8 bags of clementines, and lots of homemade cookies!

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