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Saturday, April 26

The big crowd today reminded me that it's time to start planning for the summer season. People tend to huddle up indoors during bad weather but nice days bring everyone out. Our nature as a pop-up and our mission of providing delicious, from-scratch food means that we have to think creatively about our menus. Items have to be easily portable and highly appealng to our guests. Nothing makes us happier than compliments on our food. (We literally cheer when people tell us they like what we've made.) We have some old favorites to bring back (like our famous chicken salad sandwiches) and are looking forward to working with our friends at local farms again to source eggs, zucchini, peaches, watermelon, and more. We also bring our celebrated mango iced tea and extra ice water on hot days. It's always a challenge to find new ways to adapt and improve what we do, and our guests make it more than worth the effort, every single week.

Stats: 127 cheesy noodles with chicken and brocoli, 125 bag lunches, 120 bottles of water, 143 soaps, and snacks and masks galore.

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