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Saturday, April 2

Here at Love & Cornbread HQ, we are always innovating! This week, we introduced our latest concept: The Table Where We Ask About Your Week. Sure, it just looks like an empty table in our lineup and yes, it used to be the table where we gave out hats and scarves in colder weather. But we set up the extra table out of habit this week and when I realized it was going to be empty, I jumped behind it and started telling guests as they passed by me in the serving line: "This is the table where I ask about your week. How was your week?" Some folks laughed with me, some folks humored me with a polite comment about the weather and then asked about my week, and some told me about what was really going on in their lives.

One guest told me, "I was clean for a year up until this week. I'm kicking myself, but I know what I gotta do. I'm going back into treatment today." Volunteer Gina and I congratulated him on doing what needed to be done, and he left us with a double thumbs up.

A little later, I chatted with a first-time guest, George, who looked sad and tired. Then he actually teared up when I told him the folks at the next table were serving homemade, from scratch, chicken and rice soup. He said, "Homemade? Really? Oh, thank you for making it from scratch!" I told him I made the soup myself and that he could find us serving food made with love every Saturday at noon. We hugged and it was an incredibly sweet moment. Which volunteer Deb then hilariously interrupted by saying, "Hey, you know, I helped REHEAT the I get a hug too?" The guest laughed and hugged Deb, and then volunteer Cindy chimed in with, "What about me? I HANDED you the soup! Do I get a hug?" It was such a warm and funny moment and demonstrated the heart of L&C at work. George left us smiling, promising to come back next week and we can't wait to see him again.

Stats: 99 Mexican chicken and rice soup, 115 bag lunches, 5 gallons of orange juice. 6 lbs of mandarins, 67 hygiene kits and snacks and masks galore.

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