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Saturday, Apr. 24 Update

Our favorite neighborhood friend and volunteer, Coach, came out this week with his young son who loves to help serve. So happy to have a picture with these two who have been with us from the start. It was Coach who saw me serving food on the street all by myself that first week and said, “Take my number - I’ll help you next time.” And that’s how Love & Cornbread began.

Mac & cheese day is always a big day! The nice weather brought out a lot of people so we gave away everything we had in about 45 minutes. We still got to have some fun chats, even though things were so busy:

  • One guest told me that he would rate my cornbread “a 7…..out of 5!” which I always love to hear. I had no idea cornbread would be so important when I picked a name for this project but it really does seem to make our guests happy and remind them of home, just as it does for me.

  • Another volunteer teased a guest about wearing a Dallas Cowboys shirt in Baltimore which ended up with them discovering that they were both actually secret Washington fans, which led to a whole nother conversation.

Stats: 48 servings of macaroni & cheese with cornbread, 2 gallons of hot coffee, 48 bottles of water. We handed out 40+ bag lunches and wellness kits as well as 180 masks and 40 mini sanitizers.

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