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Saturday, Apr. 10 Update

I was having too much fun to take any photos this week so instead I’m posting a picture of one of our most critical pieces of equipment: name tags. I originally bought these stickers because I am horrible at remembering names, but they have turned out to have a much more important purpose. They offer an immediate welcome: we’re putting ourselves forward with a friendly hello and giving our names before we even speak. Setting that tone from the start helps us connect with our guests, and that’s what we are all about.

My favorite moments from this Saturday’s fun and lively service:

  • The regular visitor who showed up in a great mood and was determined to remember all our names without peeking at our name tags

  • The passerby who saw our big wooden sign and said, “Love & Cornbread? I like that! That’d be a great name for a band!”

  • The first-time guest who got halfway down the block and then turned around and came back to tell us how good the black bean soup was! We had a chat about what L&C does and about his new warehouse job. He promised to come back next week to help us set up our tables because he “wanted to thank us for being out in the community.”

  • A volunteer gently teasing a guest who tentatively asked for “two masks for his Mrs.” about whether he had just the ONE Mrs., or two Mrs. The smile that slowly dawned on his face as he realized what she was saying was priceless. And after he walked a few steps away, he came back to say, “You know...I think my Mrs. would like some of your food too - could I have a bag for her?” He left with a huge smile on his face and lunch for two.

It feels so good to be out there, people, I am telling you. Not in a “I did a noble thing today” way - but in a “I’m a human connecting with other humans and that brings us both joy and hope” sort of way. Help us cook, prepare lunches, or serve, and you’ll see what I mean.

Stats: 45 servings of black bean soup and cheddar cornbread, 2 gallons of hot coffee, and 48 bottles of water. We handed out 50+ bag lunches too.

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